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To enquire about team availability for the current season, or to join a team for the next season, please complete the online enquiry form. A member of our committee will be in contact with you to confirm availability and how to register.

Please note that children will be registered to play in age groups based on their year of birth:

Once your online enquiry has been responded to by our Committee and you have confirmation of your child joining a Newlands team, you will be asked to also register your child online via the link below:

Existing Player Registration

At the end of every season, Newlands Basketball Committee will send an email to every player, to re-register for the next season.

Summer Season 2022 / 2023

2016 and 2017
2014 and 2015
2012 and 2013
2010 and 2011
2008 and 2009
2006 and 2007
2004 and 2005
The Team Coordinator will work with Team Managers and Coaches to transition children who will need to move up an age group at the end of the winter season.


Fees are to be paid via online registration.

First season joining and registration fee: Priced upon application

Second+ season: Priced upon application

Registration fees include:

  • Player registration
  • Club operating costs
  • Player insurance
  • Court hire for training
Note – In the online registration process there is a mandatory annual fee to Basketball Victoria of $29.00.
  • I will not under any circumstances hold the Club liable for any accident or injury which may occur. In the event of any illness or incident where it is impracticable to communicate with me, I authorise a representative of the Club obtaining such medical or other assistance as my child may require. This may include the request for specialised services, such as Ambulance, for which I agree to pay all associated costs.
  • I agree that my child/children and myself as a parent member will abide by the Rules and Policies of the Newlands Basketball Club, and the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct in relation to Players, Coaches, Parents and Spectators.
  • I agree to contribute to the organisation of my child/children team/s by scoring when rostered or undertaking alternative tasks as agreed with the team manager.
  • I grant permission for the use of an image or recording of my child which appears in a photo, film and/or audio recording to publish on paper and/or on our club's website.
  • I agree to receive email and/or sms communication from club representatives and my child's team manager, regarding games, training, and other general club business
  • I understand that registration fees must be paid in full upon registration in the current season otherwise my child may not be permitted to play. 

As a volunteer-run non-profit organisation, season fees are required to be paid promptly to ensure the club can meet its ongoing obligations. Late and non-payment of fees puts significant burden on the club and its committee of management.

The club will endeavour to work with families to arrange for mutually agreeable payment terms when requested, however the club will enforce the following rules:

  1. Players who are non-financial (i.e. owe money for registration or uniform) shall not be permitted to play finals
  2. The club reserves the right to not accept registration for players who are non-financial from a prior season
  3. The club will deny clearance for players that still owe money from a prior season (as per CBA rules)
The club ultimately wants all kids to play, and the above actions will not be entered into lightly. Any family that wishes to enter into payment terms or make any other arrangement regarding payment are encouraged to speak to the club in writing to the Treasurer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the earliest possible opportunity. The club will endeavour to provide utmost flexibility where needed, but requires families to be proactive in their efforts to meet their obligations.


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